healthxwiki lab
Connecting the Dots Between Online Health Misinformation, Health System Gaps & Community Coping Strategies

Underlying health infodemics are two fundamental dynamics-- a technology-centric information economy on one hand and on the other, health communication strategies & paradigms rooted in colonial legacies. Distilled health information quickly becomes diluted health information. 

While there's been a lot of attention to tech platform policies and other commercial drivers, the role of existing health systems in health infodemics has been less explored. The hxw lab focuses on this underexplored dimension of systems contributing to systems underlying infodemics and the influence of misinformation with communities.

Employing health equity & decolonial frameworks, the hxw lab's research and practice with community partners identifies place-based health system barriers and it's relationship to negative health coping strategies 
via social epidemiological and digital behavioral health tools.

Infodemic: Vast amounts of both accurate & inaccurate information creating systematic barriers to reliable guidance.