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Vast amounts of accurate & inaccurate information creating systematic barriers to reliable guidance.

Analysis of COVID-19 mis/disinformation estimates place the total (non-vaccination) related harm at a cost of $1 billion per day. Mis/disinformation accounts for 5-30% of this harm.[1] 

At the same time, the pandemic also created a deeper sense of distrust between many communities and health institutions. 

Biomedical models have driven much of the health industry response to online health mis/disinformation to date-- targeting individual behavior change. However, the pandemic provides some of the most visible and compelling evidence to date that existing individual-targeted strategies such as fact-checking are placeholders-- not solutions. 


The infodemic & equity lab examines the theoretical and evidence base of biomedical models of prevention in the current digital context and through a health equity framework. In particular, our focus revolves around communities experiencing inconsistent and reduced access to basic survival needs, including refugees and displaced populations.

1. Bruns, Hosangadi, Trotochaud & Sell. 20 Oct 2021. COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Costs an Estimated $50 to $30 Million Each Day. Policy Brief, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.