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About Us

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Reimagining Digital Action to Advance Health Security with Women in Poverty

DHDI was founded as a response to persistent gaps in existing systems to leverage technology and advancing science with women experiencing intensifying disease and poverty burdens. 

Our digital community health collab at DHDI is at the forefront of pioneering integrated health security strategies with women who remain on the margins of formal health systems. These strategies blend cutting-edge technology tailored for areas with limited connectivity and sparse data with the latest scientific evidence concerning actionable health dynamics. This includes factors related to social and environmental conditions that contribute to poor health outcomes.

DHDI is spearheaded by Sonia Navani, a global health research scientist and civic tech innovator. She investigates real-world applications to advance precision public health approaches in humanitarian & development settings. Her work is grounded in 20+ years of implementation science and global health experience with a focus on research, monitoring and evaluation of systems to support evidence-based health strategies, particularly related to women’s health. 

Navani has previously held positions with the International Rescue Committee, Columbia University, UNICEF, UNFPA and has worked in close coordination with local partners on the ground in over 15 countries in Asia, East & Central Africa, and the Middle East. Navani currently serves as Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley.  She received her Doctorate of Public Health from UC Berkeley. 





How We Work

DHDI is designed to have a light footprint to accelerate innovation.

We work as a nimble, distributed team with a priority on keeping our own overhead costs very low so we can maintain a primary focus on solving big problems with our community collaborators. 


Our dedicated interdisciplinary team is comprised of scholars, researchers, practitioners, and community-based partners. DHDI team members reside in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and North America. Our center of operations is Oakland, CA. 

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