Healthxwiki Misinformation Lab

DHDI's healthxwiki (HxW) misinformation lab focuses on real world solutions to confront tensions between for profit models, traditional public health information deficits and organic user practices.

Reimagining Mobile Citizen Science in Emergencies

In the pre-Internet era, the critical problem was a lack of health information. Most public health digital strategies remain conceptually rooted in an information-scarce, pre/early Internet landscape. 

Currently, the problem is an information flow entrenched in digital architecture designed for profit instead of better population health outcomes.

In a consumer-driven digital engine, increased personal agency is the oil, and influencers, including individual expert & non-expert opinions, are the gas. 


But, this increased personal agency is largely in tension with traditional public health preventative behavior and communication models. The continuation of this tension is an important contribution to digital health misinformation and crowd-sourced science. 

DHDI flips the script to explore how increased personal agency can be leveraged to optimize better evidence-based health outcomes in resource-limited communities.


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