Hyper-local Digital Health. 
Designed for Health Equity.
Driven by Women.


A Gender Problem

After digital connectivity is established in a community, digital participation mirrors gender norms instead of transforming them.

A Science + Accountability Problem

Non-commercial digital health exists largely within commercial digital architecture.  The result is what is best for the vendor instead of what is best for the community-- translating into less scientific rigor & accountability. 

A Power Problem

Current digital health data governance strategies engage local actors as participants, not owners. This is widening asymmetrical power dynamics between local & global actors.

Our Purpose

DHDI is an interdisciplinary vehicle to accelerate a shift from digital spaces mirroring pathways maintaining health inequity to digital strategies transforming actionable barriers to health equity. Our work focuses on three inter-related problems: a persistent gender problem, a science-accountability problem and a power problem.

In exploring antidotes to these challenges, we maintain a strategic focus on optimizing digital strategies to disrupt intergenerational health disparities in humanitarian & development settings.