Guiding Principles

How we work



DHDI is a non-profit start-up. Our work revolves around three principles: Disruption, Decolonization & Democratization. 

Disrupting Industry Narratives. 

DHDI is working with civil society organizations to expand the narrative of digital health to community digital ownership-- moving beyond existing narratives revolving around commercial tech & non-commercial health industry actors. 

Operationalizing Decolonial Strategies in Global Health. 

We work alongside community-based organizations to create alternatives to data colonialism to build community power shaping health & gender priorities.


Democratizing Health Evidence Across Education & Literacy Levels. 

With a focus on distilling instead of diluting evidence, we are linking individual-focused health behavior strategies with social & environmental determinants of health to empower families & communities. 

DHDI is actively cultivating new strategies to advance decolonized global health & gender partnerships-- on and offline.

DHDI incubates hyper-local strategies with community collaborators in high risk-high connectivity settings. 


Our goal is not to create a sustained presence with our partners. Instead, we seek to create a direct link to cutting edge science and technology between community partners and the communities they serve. In doing so, DHDI aims to reduce the digital throttling effect-- which currently enables digital to function within existing constraints instead of disrupting existing constraints to advancing health equity. 

We do this work as a nimble, virtual network of global staff, field collaborators, academic partners & individual volunteers. This enables us to keep overheads low and maintain our primary focus on solving big problems with our community collaborators. 

Sonia Navani, DrPH, MPH has 20 years of experience working on global health, gender & human rights issues in over 15 countries in Africa, Asia & the Middle East. Dr. Navani has conducted this work with local and global service delivery organizations, UNICEF and Columbia University. Since 2012, Dr. Navani's work has focused on digital epidemiology in humanitarian & development settings.



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