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A Health Tech Revolution Reimagined With Women in Poverty

DHDI envisions technology as an operational pathway to disrupt one size fits all responses to actionable community health threats with women in conflict & climate-impacted settings. 

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Nutrition Insecurity Through Women's Eyes in Eastern DR Congo: Learn About DHDI's EpiNu Photovoice Project

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Building Innovative Strategies

DHDI applies a knowledge, learning and innovation exchange framework to support co-creation of digital community health innovation with our partners and collaborators. 

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Our Focus Areas

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Women-led Climate Health Networks

Focusing on the integration of digital inclusion & health security, we emphasize hybrid strategies that enable women from lower socio-economic positions to lead community health resilience efforts in context.


Decolonial Data Ecosystems At Community Level

Capacity building with local civil society partners towards more localized data strategies, including digital data governance, to inform slow onset community health crises.

DHDI: Projects

EpiNu Photovoice- DR Congo

In DR Congo, acute malnutrition rates jumped from 15.6 million in 2019 to 27 million in 2021. Climate impacts on local agriculture is one of the underlying drivers of this deteriorating nutrition security situation. DHDI is partnering with CEAFPD in South Kivu to develop digital community responses with women to mitigate this climate change reality. 

EpiNu Photovoice, currently ongoing in DR Congo, provides a hybrid platform for women to engage in digital storytelling related to food & nutrition insecurity. 

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Identifying Actionable Points to Mitigate Nutrition Risks with Different Communities of Women

A focus on women who remain more off the grid

Get Involved

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Join Our Team for the Summer!

DHDI is hiring a research intern to join our team on climate change and health. Apply before June 1.

Make a Donation

DHDI is a vehicle to drive new innovation at grassroots levels. We rely on individual donations to support our projects that don't fit neatly into traditional donor streams.

Help support the next generation of digital health for women and their families in conflict & climate-impacted settings.

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Unite to Light- USA

DHDI: Clients
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“Prescription of the correct cure is dependent on a rigorous analysis of the reality.”

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

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