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Commercial interests delivered a digital health revolution to industry actors, while marginalized communities got systematic online health misinformation. 

It's time to deliver more to marginalized communities than social media.

DHDI works with community actors to reimagine

hyper-local community health strategies and platforms

in digital spaces.

DHDI on COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps:

Why They Failed & How to Fix It 

COVID-19 Contact Trace Apps:
An Opportunity to Pivot to Digital Public Health 

The tech world has an exceptional amount to offer in the pandemic and beyond. This is precisely why it is critical to create greater scientific accountability for digital health tools and recalibrating from consumer designs to community health designs. Based on the recent COVID-19 experience, we map out two starting points, including rethinking place-- from consumer to vector terms.


DHDI applies epidemiological, behavioral & human rights approaches to reframe digital public health spaces with communities. We do this work in accordance with three guiding principles for action: Disruption, Decolonization & Democratization.