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Our vision is a modern digital landscape that pivots from amplifying health disparities to facilitating health equity pathways for women and their families in extreme poverty.

DHDI establishes interdisciplinary incubation spaces with local civil society actors and communities of women in poverty to design and test women-centered digital strategies. These strategies focus on mitigating social and environmental factors on community health in regions affected by conflict and climate change.

“Previously some of us had not yet used or touched a smartphone. We were afraid-- thinking that the technology was not made for everyone and even more so for us illiterates, but this project familiarizes us with the digital world."

EpiNu Photovoice Participant, Uvira, DR Congo

Focus Areas

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Project Spotlight: Climate Food & Nutrition Security with CEAFPD (Uvira, DR Congo)  

EpiNu Photovoice: Digital Storytelling with Severely Food Insecure Women in Eastern DR Congo

Health Insecurity +Women's Digital Literacy

We integrate women's digital literacy with critical health insecurity issues to reach women traditionally left out of big data & digital economies.


Applying a knowledge, learning and innovation exchange framework, we support co-creation of digital community health innovation with our partners and collaborators.

Confronting Local Data Gaps 

We collaborate with communities to create strategies addressing climate health data gaps, prioritizing ethical data generation through a decolonial lens.


Photo courtesy of the EpiNu Photovoice Team- Uvira, DR Congo

Make a Difference

Help support the next generation of AI-enabled digital health for women and their families in conflict & climate-impacted settings. We rely on individual donations to support development & testing of new digital strategies with our civil society partners, including CEAFPD in Uvira,

DR Congo. 

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