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After hard-fought battles to connect marginalized communities to digital spaces, what comes next?  

DHDI works alongside grassroots organizations to reimagine digital public health footprints for communities instead of consumers or aid recipients.

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COVID-19 Contact Trace Apps:

An Opportunity to Pivot to Digital Public Health 

The tech world has an exceptional amount to offer in the pandemic and beyond. This is precisely why it is critical to create greater scientific accountability for digital health tools and recalibrating from consumer designs to community health designs. Based on the recent COVID-19 experience, we map out two starting points, including rethinking place-- from consumer to vector terms and concrete strategies to begin the process of earning back public trust. 


Applying epidemiological, behavioral & human rights approaches,

DHDI follows three central principles to reframe digital public health spaces

with communities:

Disruption, Decolonization & Democratization.

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