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Food security photovoice community building session in Uvira, DR Congo.
Photo courtesy of EpiNu Photovoice DR CongoTeam, March 2024

We are DHDI.
Reimagining digital community health with women in poverty.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to amplify the digital influence of economically disadvantaged women in real time, transforming them into key players in identifying and mitigating health risks in their communities.

We realize this vision through a woman-centered approach to community health resilience in close collaboration with local civil society, prioritizing ethical AI, high-quality health evidence, and climate health science.

The Problem
While access to mobile health resources among women in low and middle income countries (LMIC) has improved, not every woman benefits equally. Studies suggest women from lower income backgrounds experience less benefit but also, when they do benefit, they benefit differently from those in more economically stable groups. Most digital health interventions do not examine nor account for these dynamics. This gap is particularly significant given the commercial digital partnerships and architecture that underpin much of modern private and public digital health efforts in LMIC settings. 
Photo courtesy of DHDI/CEAFPD EpiNu Photovoice DRC Team

Focus Areas

Our efforts are dedicated to scaffolding low literacy women with actionable, ethical digital health strategies responsive to the realities of aggressive health & food insecurity and stalled poverty alleviation efforts in a post-pandemic, climate change landscape.

01 Research

Digital Utilization Barriers Among Women in Extreme Poverty

02 Partnerships

Reformulating Partnerships via a Knowledge, Learning & Innovation Exchange Strategy

03 Methodologies

Ethical AI Data Generation & Governance for Climate Health Resilience in Real Time

Double Jeopardy in a Climate Health Crisis: DR Congo

Learn more about the climate health crisis in South Kivu, Eastern DR Congo. 

Read About the EpiNu Photovoice Project in

Eastern DR Congo

Support EpiNu Photovoice- DR Congo

What Sets Us Apart

We take innovation very seriously.

Part of that is making sure we maintain 

programmatic and technical independence. This severely limits where we seek funding from. Over 85% of DHDI funding goes directly to supporting local collaborator's time and effort costs during proof of concept investigations and model development. We rely on donations from individuals to support this work. 


Please help support the EpiNu Photovoice DR Congo collaborators! 

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